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Friday Night Funkin ‘is a rhythm game in which users have to complete several levels, called Weeks in the game. Different songs will be available to you each week, and players will have to repeat them as the tracks get harder and harder. Prepare for a good amount of challenge!

Melodic and romantic!

The game has a rather touching story. You play as a character named Boyfriend, who will face different opponents in various rap battles. The main goal of the protagonist is to strike up an affair with his girlfriend. But before he can do it, he needs to prove to her family that he is worthy of their daughter. Doing that will include battling against the demonic parents of his beloved and participating in plenty of other exciting adventures.

Friday Night Funkin ‘currently only has two modes – Story and Free Play Mode. Respectively, the first one is going to take you through all of the events of the plot while the latter will allow you to enjoy all the songs in any sequence. You will also gain instant access to all available opponents and won’t have to wait until the next week to meet them on stage. Players can also choose between three difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard. Accordingly, the tracks will get faster and faster and also more complicated, with a lot of rhythm changes requiring you to keep your fingers on the buttons tightly getting ready to press them any second.

Keep up with the beat!

The controls in FNF are pretty simple to understand, but rather tricky to master. After starting the game, you will see four arrows in the upper right part of the screen. These arrows are yours, they respond to keystrokes (arrows) and A (left), S (down), D (right), W (up). You will see the same arrows on the left side of the screen. The computer always starts first, and you will need to repeat the same steps behind it. It turns out that you have an advantage over your opponent, but still you will not always have time to study the sequence of arrows that appear.

You can only play if you don’t hit the right notes a lot of times. Below you can observe the scale of the state of your hero and his opponent. The red scale will be filled with erroneous clicks on the arrows. Green – when pressed correctly. When the scale is filled with red, you will lose. Let’s hope it won’t happen to your character and he will successfully end all seven weeks to be with his girlfriend!

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