Online games for the male audience are characterized by a great amount of action, competitive and sometimes even aggressive gameplay and technical tilt. All that can be found in our amazing simulators for boys! Here you can blow off some steam and spend a great time enjoying all sorts of great activities. Besides, it a good chance to learn more about various means of transport, building and even engineering. You definitely won’t get bored playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Extreme Car Driving Simulator, Touchgrind BMX, Plague Inc., FIFA, Farming Simulator 18!

As everyone knows, guys are crazy about all sorts of vehicles. Our simulators for boys give you a chance to fly a plane, ride a boat and even start off towards the stars in a spaceship. The gameplay is based on real physics, so you have to consider different factors of your environment, weather conditions and other aspects to safely guide your transport through all the obstacles. The controls are also very detailed – it’s much like piloting a real plane or submerging underwater. Games like that will give you a pretty clear idea of what it’s like and a riveting experience that is as close to reality as possible.

Do you enjoy repairing, constructing and inventing? There are plenty of games that will quench this thirst of yours among simulators for boys! You can open your own car repair shop and try your hand at fixing broken cars. Or run your own building company creating magnificent structures and impressive houses from scratch. Finally, some games also invite you to become a engineering genius and invent all kinds of cool and crazy stuff out of various materials. Choose a simulator to your liking and spend a great time!

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